Grand Villas

The Grand Villas at Mayavan have been meticulously designed to the highest international standards and enjoy ample greens and landscape. Each block of Villas are set around a private communal courtyard enabling privacy and a quaint neighbourliness.

  • 4,722 – 10,172 sq. ft. garden plots
  • 4,178 – 5,851 sq. ft. villas with beautiful private courtyard
  • 4 – 5 bedrooms, private terrace, shallow pool & infinity pool
  • With open air swimming pool & landscaped green areas


Luxury Villas

The Luxury Villas at Mayavan are designed to provide spacious family living. Built to high standards, the entrance lobby leads to impressive double height hall and garden views. Each courtyard cluster comprises seven luxury villas, where all houses have a sense of privacy and a neighbourhood feeling – ideal for friends and families who want spend time together.

  • 2,211 – 3,157 sq. ft. plots in blocks of 7 units
  • 2,381 – 3,111 sq. ft. villas with entrance courtyard
  • 3 bedrooms, covered verandahs & private terrace
  • With large open grassed area & swimming pool


The Town Houses

The Town Houses at Mayavan offer a cozy living unit with two bedrooms on the first floor and a multipurpose room on the ground floor, which can be used as a living room or a bedroom. Thoughtfully and meticulously designed, the Town Houses provide all the luxury and lifestyle benefits of Mayavan, while being most affordable.

  • 1496 sq. ft. plots in blocks of 11 units
  • 1615 sq. ft. villas with entrance courtyard
  • 2 bedrooms & a multi-purpose room
  • With lush green grassed area & a car park